Jewellery ERP Overview

TabAurous is a tailor-made jewellery ERP software developed from ground up for the Gems and Jewellery industry. It proffers utmost flexibility in configuring complex business processes exclusive to the jewellery business in association with its modern technology framework and its industry-specific features. TabAurous jewellery ERP software not only helps jewellers to manage entire workflow from order booking until invoicing, but also supports operational task using modules like Financial accounting, CRM, MIS Reporting, Payroll, and HR. TabAurous is almost synonyms with efficiency and productivity. With its integrated business analytics module, it makes it easier to have real-time insights about business and take well-informed decisions on right time. This in turn leads to more efficiency and faster turn around time.

It enables jewellers with scalability for growth and new processes to futureproof their business requiring minimal resource and time. It makes inventory planning easy by allowing to set branch-wise inventory requirements using various combination of attributes. TabAurous jewellery ERP software proposes open web-services for all types of transactional and master data in the system enabled with a security layer based on authorizations. As a result, it outlines the path of getting itself linked to any other system irrespective of their technical platform.

TabAurous has ready to use API’s which enables hassle-free integrations with any 3rd party systems to extend capabilities of ERP.


  • Improved productivity

  • Complete financial transparency

  • Informed planning

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Minimized human error

  • Track Sales Growth in real-time

  • Easy to use

  • Customer Demographics

  • Integrated Process

  • Increased efficiency

  • Inventory Optimization

  • Strategic Decision Making

  • Analyze Trend and Plan Marketing

  • Reduced job order delays

  • Sales reporting and analytics

  • Accounting automation

  • Better user experience

  • Simplifying the production tracking


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Jewellery business is modernizing at a rapid pace and aligning itself with the evolving corporate culture. There used to be fewer stores, but with rapid expansion and consumerism, there has been a proliferation of retail outlets and franchisee stores, as well as a rise in the presence of online players via e-Commerce websites and applications.

TabAurous ERP is developed keeping this dynamics in mind. It enables jewellers to stay focused to be ahead of the competition, by providing valuable insights of the business.

The term “wholesaling” means to sell products in bulk at a price usually less than what retailers charge. Jewellery wholesalers/traders face issues in implementing an efficient system, enabling them to carter to all aspects of their business right from procurement, outsource jobwork, sales, inventory & financial accounting.

TabAurous ERP is developed keeping this dynamics in mind. It enables wholesale jewellery business to keep a track of their inventory and manage sales, procurement, inventory and jobwork from one single platform.

The jewellery manufacturing has usual problems in terms of cost management, controlling losses, delivery timelines, and capacity management. The Manufacturing process requires smooth information flow from sales forecasts, sales orders, inventory levels, purchase orders, changes in designs, BOMs and routings.

GreySauce engineers collaborate with a team of industry experts to build and implement an ERP solution for jewellery manufacturing companies.

Jewellery ERP Software

Core Modules

  • Inventory

    √ Branch Transfer
    √ Location Transfer
    √ Tagging
    √ Reorder
    √ MRP
    √ Material Requisition
    √ Sorting & Mixing

  • Purchase

    √ Supplier Master
    √ Quotation
    √ Order
    √ Invoice
    √ Purchase Return
    √ Consignment Receipt
    √ Consignment Return

  • Sales

    √ Customer Master
    √ Quotation
    √ Order
    √ Invoice
    √ Sales Return
    √ Consignment Issue
    √ Consignment Return

  • Manufacturing

    √ Work Order
    √ Material Issue
    √ Material Receipt
    √ Quality Assurance
    √ Tree Making
    √ Dust Collection
    √ Melting
    √ Refining

  • Point of Sales

    √ Customer Master
    √ Quotation
    √ Order
    √ Invoice
    √ Exchange
    √ Sales Return
    √ Gift Voucher Sales

  • Financial Accounting

    √ General Ledger
    √ Payment Voucher
    √ Receipt Voucher
    √ Journal Voucher
    √ Contra Voucher
    √ Bank Reconciliation
    √ PDC Issue Receipt & Clearance
    √ Period Closing

  • CRM

    √ Promotions
    √ Loyalty Points
    √ Gift Vouchers
    √ Schemes
    √ Campaigns

  • Sub Contracting

    √ Work Order
    √ Jobwork Issue
    √ Issue Material
    √ Receipt Material
    √ Jobwork Receipt
    √ Quality Assurance

  • Analytical Reports

    √ FootFall vs Sales
    √ Product wise Sales Trend
    √ Supplier Performance
    √ Employee Performance
    √ Production Analysis
    √ Seasonality

Our domain expertise allows gems & jewellery businesses to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the size of the business, GreySauce has you covered with industry compliant solutions, that can be customized as per your specific needs.

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