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How does TabAurous’ ERP software helps to boost operational efficiency?

TabAurous Jewellery ERP Software provides real-time reports which make decision making quick and easy. The system reduces­­­ redundancy in data and has validations for data entry at field level.

Can I install TabAurous jewellery ERP software on more than one device?

As TabAurous is a web based application it does not require client installation, and hence it can be used anywhere, anytime and on any device (Web/Mobile/Tablet).

Does GreySauce caters to the need of Jewellery Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers?

Yes, Greysauce has products specifically for all verticals of the Gem and Jewellery Industry.

  • Retailers can use TabAurous – A Jewellery ERP to perform their day to day activities like sales, purchase, and inventory management, CRM, invoicing and reporting.
  • Wholesalers can use TabAurous – A Jewellery ERP having dedicated modules like Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Job Work, Accounting and Reporting.
  • Manufacturers can use TabAurous – A Jewellery ERP to help them maintain their manufacturing unit right from procurement to invoicing along with Accounts and Reports.

In addition to the jewellery ERP, Greysauce also offers a Tablet/Mobile Based E-Catalogue and a Jewellery E-Commerce Platform.

Can I get a trial of the software before making any decision?

How will the domain expertise of 30+ years add value to me?

We at Greysauce don’t just believe in making a sale, it is more of a relationship that we build with our clients over the years. We offer various other services like gap analysis, requirement gathering and provide consulting way before pitching our products.

What does GreySauce has to offer in a long-term partnership?

Can GreySauce cater successfully to Jewellery Retailers with more than 3 stores?

Yes, large jewellery retailers can implement and use TabAurous – A Jewellery ERP as it has all the important modules like User management, Notifications, CRM, Branch Management, and Material Requirement Planning along with inventory management, reporting and accounting. However, the number of locations does not stop any company from implementing TabAurous.

Do I need any specialised knowledge beforehand to use TabAurous Jewellery software?

No, the end users are expected to have basic computer knowledge. However, we provide both on-site and off-site training which helps the users understand the system better.

Does GreySauce offers customization for specific requirements?

Yes, as per our experience with the jewellery industry we understand that every business operates in a specific way up-to some extent. This comprises of 20-30% requirements and can be custom developed to incorporate such requirements.

Does TabAurous ERP has built-in support for companies with global presence?

TabAurous Jewellery ERP supports multi-currency and multi-language modules along with an in-built configurable global tax engine, allowing companies with global presence carry their day to day activities efficiently and accurately.

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