Choosing the right ERP Partner

Technologies once considered essential element in Jewellery Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are no longer adequate enough in the age of process management due to new emerging technologies and trends. As a result, solution providers are shifting their focus to developing systems that meet the needs of organizations dealing with increasingly large data, multiple process and high volumes.

The process of searching, analyzing, finalizing and implementing an ERP solution is not as simple as it once was. One-size-fits-all approach doesn’t works when it comes to jewellery ERP software. Solutions today come in with their own nuances, each features its own set of capabilities, strengths, and drawbacks. Choosing the right partner providing the right solution is a complicated process.

Few aspects which jewellers need to consider while choosing their ERP Partner are listed below.

Domain Expertise

There are multiple ERP vendors in the market currently but understanding the complexity and nitty-gritty of jewellery business specifically is an important aspect.

An ERP provider with dozens of successful project in other industry may fail in the Gems & Jewellery attributed to the nuances of Jewellery business.

Therefore, Domain expertise plays a vital role while choosing the right partner. You would have a greater chance of working through whatever obstacles lie ahead if they can offer direction rather than merely product specs.

Project Management and Implementation processes

The ERP Vendor should be able to outline, with documentation, the phases, deliverables and expected outcomes of their implementation process. They should address how they approach at least the following:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Solution design
  • Development and configuration
  • Deployment and training
  • Post-production support

Training & Support

Evaluate the vendor’s support systems. A good ERP vendor should make a special effort to ensure you are totally satisfied with the product. The Turn Around Time to the submitted queries should be quick enough not to hinder your business. What type of training does the vendor provide?

Scalability & Flexibility of the platform

Scalability is an important aspect that should be taken into account because with the growing scale of business, changing your ERP becomes a time consuming and expensive task. Apart from your current requirements and needs, you should also keep in mind the features that will be required in your business in the near future. Choosing the right vendor with the right product is crucial as the provided platform should be scalable as in when required by the business.

Cost involved for implementing the ERP System

In addition to the above aspects, cost also plays an important role while making the final choice. The Jewellers should have the clarity on the following in terms of cost involved:

  • License Cost
  • Per user cost
  • Implementation Cost
  • Customization cost
  • Cost of Basic product
  • Cost of additional modules
  • Recurring cost(AMC)

Generic ERP providers charge a huge amount on customizations which a specific ERP provider would consider most of them as a basic requirement or product enhancement.


Most jewellers overlook above factors while choosing the jewellery software and implementation partner. Though budget is one of the important factor,  choosing the right ERP partner is essential in longer run for successful business.